Preimplantation genetic screening PGS can benefit any couple at risk from passing on
genetic\chromosomal abnormalities.

Promoting excellence and professionalism in the delivery of laboratory services through patient – focused,
cost – effective diagnostic services.

The GenaTi team of researchers and scientists continues to work tremendously hard in order to set up new research
priorities and strategic directions for the GenaTi that are crucial to strengthening Saudi Arabia's health care system.

GenaTi contributes to the prevention of genetic diseases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by offering
pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and screening in its new IVF clinic



The cell is the building block of living organisms and holds the information that is highly representative of the whole organism. Cell culture is an approach by which the behavior of cells can be studied independent of whole organism. Cells from an animal or plant grown under controlled, favorable artificial conditions can be monitored and manipulated to suit experimental needs.. The cells may be removed from the tissue directly and disaggregated by enzymatic or mechanical means, or they may be derived from a cell line or cell strain that has already been established.

Offered Services:
The GenaTi CellServ Research Services (GCSRS) is dedicated to provide high quality cell culture services and education to facilitate cell-based research including:

  1. Cell Culture Management Services: offer culture of transformed cells (cancer cell lines), primary cells, or stem cells for your specific needs. The GCSRS has the know-how and technology to grow the majority of mammalian cells in suspension or attached including a wide experience in growing cells in conventional culture plates, flasks and roller bottles. The Cell Culture Management Services includes:
      Maintenance/optimization of cell lines including the culture, subculture and maintenance of cell lines in plates or flasks according to the researchers’ requirements.
      Cell isolation/separation and subcellular fractionation: Since the tissues are heterogeneous mixtures of numerous types of specialized cells, the GCSRS can support scientists in the separation and studying a distinct cell type, single cell analysis or purification of homogeneous cell type using density gradient centrifugation (size-density based separation) or FACS: Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (surface marker separation).
      Isolation of mouse/rat organ cells if required for short term in vitro assays.
      Mycoplasma testing
      Sterility testing
      Single-cell cloning and expansion
      Cell lines storage (Cryopreservation/vitrification) through the GenaTi Biobanking service
  2. Cell-based Assay Services: The GCSRS has acquired a large number of well characterized lines over the past years and have developed significant expertise in setting up cell based assays commonly employed in cancer biology, immunology, translational research and drug discovery. According to the researchers’ specific requests, the following cell based assays can be offered:
      Cell proliferation [MTT assay] and Cell morphology analysis [Microscopic]
      Cell cycle analysis
      Apoptosis [Annexin V/propidium iodide; Caspase 3/7 activation; TUNEL]
      Cell migration [Trans-well formats, that allows measurement of the number of cells migrating through a porous membrane]
      Cell invasion [Cell Invasion Assays monitor cell movement through extracellular matrices]
      Cytotoxicity [Micronucleus assay, COMET assay]
      Inflammatory response / cytokine secretion assays [Using bead arrays, ELISA]
      Screening of compounds against cancer cell lines [IC50 determination]
  3. Cell culture based Products includes a range of cell culture based products including:
      Assay Ready Cells from freshly isolated cells (cells that growing under culture conditions).
      Ready to use cryopreserved primary cells: Primary cells express characteristics that more closely represent in vivo behavior than do transformed cell lines and are considered an excellent alternative to animal experimentation. Therefore, The GCSRS have standardized bioassays on ready-to-use cryopreserved primary cells from different tissues mainly cancers.
      Primary Cell lines (Mouse/Rat) as well as the following stem cells from various tissues for use in research experiments:
      Bone-marrow mesenchymal stem cells
      Synovial fluid mesenchymal stem cells
      Human umbilical cord Wharton's jelly stem cells
      Haematopoietic stem cells
      Subcellular fractions-Microsomes, lysosomes, Ribosomes, Mitochondria, Plasma membrane
  4. Custom experiment Services can be also offered and tailored according to each researcher/project requirements including the full experimental design using the GCSRS state-of-the-art cell culture Labs and in coordination with the other GenaTi core facility research services.