Preimplantation genetic screening PGS can benefit any couple at risk from passing on
genetic\chromosomal abnormalities.

Promoting excellence and professionalism in the delivery of laboratory services through patient – focused,
cost – effective diagnostic services.

The GenaTi team of researchers and scientists continues to work tremendously hard in order to set up new research
priorities and strategic directions for the GenaTi that are crucial to strengthening Saudi Arabia's health care system.

GenaTi contributes to the prevention of genetic diseases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by offering
pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and screening in its new IVF clinic



The GenaTi Gene Expression Research Services (GGERS) offer either target gene(s) expression analysis or genome-wide analysis of the whole transcriptome according to the project requirements and researchers needs. Gene expression microarrays can be used to query thousands of genes simultaneously. The GGERS uses optimized protocols to maximize data quality using a wide range of microarray analysis platforms. The process of measuring gene expression via cDNA is called gene expression analysis or expression profiling. The microarray technology can be either utilized for basic scientific research as well as for translational studies or molecular genetic testing to support clinical diagnosis, prognosis, or therapy. Interested researchers are supported in designing microarray studies using the GenaTi expert consultation services.

The GGERS is equipped with both the Agilent and Affymetrix microarray platforms that enable genetic and genomic screening at a high-throughput level. Both gene expression analysis and genomic profiling studies using whole transcript microarrays can be performed by both platforms. Samples can be obtained from patients, cell culture systems, or animal models.

In addition to the microarray platform, the GGERS is equipped with Illumina Sequencing platforms (Nexseq 500 & Miseq) for Transcriptome profiling and analysis. The transcriptome is a collection of all RNA present in a cell or a population of cells at any given moment. The transcriptome is dynamic, as the levels of RNA transcripts changes during different developmental stages or in response to certain conditions. Transcriptome sequencing or RNA-Seq is a next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based approach to profile and analyze RNA. This technique delivers unbiased information without the need for prior knowledge of the genome or transcriptome. Transcriptome sequencing is often the method of choice for analysis of differentially expressed genes, as well as for RNA editing and profiling of allele-specific gene expression. RNA-seq can also be used to investigate splicing patterns, splicing variants, gene isoforms, single nucleotide polymorphisms and post transcriptional modifications.

Offered Services:

  Affymetrix Services
  Human Gene Array 1.0ST
  Human Gene Array 2.0ST
  Human U133 2.0 Plus
  Human miRNA 4.0 array
  Mouse Gene Array 2.0ST
  Mouse Gene Array 1.0ST
  Other array types
  RNA Sequencing (Illumina)
  Nexseq 500 platform
  Miseq platform
  Additional related services
  DNA/RNA extraction
  Quality control (Nanodrop, Bioanalyzer)
  Cytogenomics analysis
  Bioinformatics analysis
  Pathway analysis