Preimplantation genetic screening PGS can benefit any couple at risk from passing on
genetic\chromosomal abnormalities.

Promoting excellence and professionalism in the delivery of laboratory services through patient – focused,
cost – effective diagnostic services.

The GenaTi team of researchers and scientists continues to work tremendously hard in order to set up new research
priorities and strategic directions for the GenaTi that are crucial to strengthening Saudi Arabia's health care system.

GenaTi contributes to the prevention of genetic diseases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by offering
pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and screening in its new IVF clinic


The university signed a joint collaborative memorandum of understanding (MoU) with National Guard Health Affairs

Researcher's Disciple Initiative for Talented Saudis

Establish Specialized Medical Laboratories "Ro'ya"

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3alyoum Channel - GenaTi

Saudi National Day 2017

PGD and IVF Services

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GenaTi Organizes the First Genetic Detection for Breast Cancer Awareness Program

Interview with Dr. Samia Alamoudi